History of NEURO_PACK

Our History




01  Selected as a support project for fostering agro-food ventures

04  Converted to a corporation

05  Selected as a business project for International IP dipute

06  Received a citation from the Korea Agricultural Technology Promotion Agency

10  Received a award from MSS minister

12  Received a prize from MSS minister, Award from President of Korea environmental industry & technology institute



02  Establishment of research institute affiliated

05  Received the 15th Korea Green Energy Excellent Company Award / Factory eatablishment

07  Received the 15th Korea Excellent Patent Award

08  Venture business certification

10  KS I ISO 14001 certification

11  Received a citation from the Chairman of the Small and Medium Venture Business Corporation, and a citation from the Incheon Regional Small and Medium Venture Business Administration



06 ‘Excellent technology company’ certified by SCI evaluation information

08 Selected as a follow-up support project for the Startup Success Package Youth Entrepreneurship Academy

09 Selected as an eco-startup support project by the Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute

10 Selected as a stepping stone start-up task (first step) for the start-up growth technology development project by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups

11 KS Q ISO 9001 certification / Establishment of research institute



2018.12 Founded Neuropack

03 Selected for the 9th class of the Startup Success Package Youth Entrepreneurship Academy

07 Developed functional antibacterial and deodorant substances coated/combined film and paper packaging material

08 Venture business certification by the Korea Technology Guarantee Fund

10 Participated in Korean Packaging Exhibit / Participated in Istanbul Eurasia Pack

11 Participated in Taiwan trade delegation by Wonju-si – the Korea Economic Promotion Agency, and signed an MOU for US $ 300,000 / Receive Award of 2nd Korea-China Innovation Competition

What We Do

Steps for the Environment

Neuro Pack is a packaging research and development company, which develops extracts and eco-friendly packaging materials using natural products. Every year, we present solutions to environmental issues through developing and producing containers made by collecting fallen ginkgos and leaves of trees that cause pedestrian and environmental issues, and films using harmful seaweeds that damage aquaculture.