About Us


Who we are

Neuro Pack is an eco-friendly packaging development company composed of specialists majoring in packaging science. We research and develop functional eco-friendly packaging materials, such as freshness-preserving packaging materials and biodegradable plastics, to keep the promise of delivering eco-friendly packaging and to increase the shelf life of fruits and fresh foods at the same time. We will become a company that promptly responds to the needs of various products and consumers.

Environment Friendly

Our main goal is to commercialize different researches to be used in real life. By utilizing our packaging materials in the changing agroculture and food industries, such as fresh food and meal kit products, we want to maintain freshness and reduce waste agri-food.


Our Message

Packing Material Expert



Neuro Pack is a packaging material specialized research and development company consisting of specialists in the field of packaging.

Environmental Problems



With the increase in food delivery and the use of disposable plastics, environmental issues regarding plastic wastes are emerging around the world. Accordingly, many countries are implementing various policies and regulations to reduce the use of disposable plastics and encourage the use of eco-friendly plastics.

Carbon Neutrality



Neuro Pack is taking an eco-friendly approach in various aspects of packaging materials. Natural products, such as ginkgo and lotus leaves, are used as raw materials for functional antibacterial substances, and various eco-friendly packaging materials, such as low carbon packaging materials, biodegradable plastics and pulp containers, are being developed to present a solution to environmental issues caused by packaging waste.


Company Identity

The corporate image of Neuro Pack Co., Ltd., contributing in solving environmental issues through the development of eco-friendly packaging, is embodied in the brand identity that induces confidence through the combining of the initial N and the circulating arrow.