Functional Material

Natural Antibacterial Extract

Natural Antibacterial Extract

Eco-friendly antibacterial extracted from natural products, such as ginkgo and lotus leaves. It is harmless to the human body and can be applied to food and cosmetics.

Natural Ingredients

We tried to replace synthetic antibacterial substances by extracting antibacterial substances from ginkgo nut, which are natural raw materials.


Extend the shelf life of fresh food by inhibiting the activities of fungi that cause a decrease in the shelf life


The reduction of greenhouse gases generated by the use of ginkgo nut waste, which is incinerated and reclaimed at the expense of taxes, is caused by falling from street trees every fall

Cost Savings

The final consumer price is reduced by reducing the cost of purchasing raw materials by utilizing the collected ginkgo nut waste through cooperation with local governments


Check the safety evaluation of Ginkgo nut waste and final product through a certified certification authority